Three Quick Fixes to Look Fab for Summer

Three Quick Fixes to Look Fab for Summer

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GREEN SMOOTHIES made from young coconut milk have the same properties as kombucha once you add a scoop of inulin powder, which is a dietary fiber and probiotic that also stabilizes blood sugar levels. When you add a scoop of chia seeds, you get seven times the amount of omega 3s in salmon without the uric acid build up of meat. A little known property of young coconut water is that its composition is identical to blood plasma. In fact, the water from young coconuts was used during World War II to substitute for blood when a transfusion was needed. Human blood is composed of plasma and chlorophyll, so when you add greens like arugula or cilantro, both of which kill parasites and detoxify the body, you are adding chlorophyll, giving your body an energy boost with this drink. This amazingly delicious green smoothie will keep you feeling full and satisfied for a full four hours. See recipe below.


FIVE SENSES SALADS will satisfy all of your taste buds: sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, salty and pungent. When all senses are satisfied in a meal, there are no cravings afterwards. Include dried cranberries or black currants and bits of fresh pineapple or papaya (both are sweet and have digestive enzymes). Avoid eating melons on salads or with anything; they are the one fruit that should be eaten alone to ensure proper digestion. Squeeze fresh lemon or lime juice to get the sour, and mixed salad greens have some bitter greens in them. Cayenne is a blood purifier and adds a kick of spice as will jalapenos. These spices will also help you shed pounds. Use sea salt (preferably Celtic or Himalayan, in that order; they are full of essential minerals) as opposed to processed salt. I prefer arugula, cilantro, cabbage or fermented vegetables to make the salad pungent. They all kill parasites and will help speed up the metabolism to help lose weight. Cabbage and fermented vegetables with cabbage as a base are  especially helpful for weight loss.

 is alkaline, which is very beneficial for an overly acidic body. Rich in amino acids (the building blocks of life), this healthy drink boosts the immune system, and it contains probiotics that kill bad bacteria. Probiotics also aid in digestion and prevent bloating, helping to flatten the stomach. Last but certainly not least, Kombucha is nutrient-dense, so it cuts cravings.


Parthenia’s Green Coconut Water Plasma  (Serves 4)
*Use a high power blender such as Vita Mix

1 young coconut (water and flesh from coconut)
1 mango (very high in antioxidants and beta carotene)
1 cup of pineapple (contains digestive enzymes)
1 cup of papaya (contains digestive enzymes)
1 handful of spinach (anti-aging, prevents cancer and macular degeneration of the eye)
1 handful of arugula (contains vitamin C, E and beta carotene)  0R
1 bunch of cilantro minus stems (cilantro kills parasites and cleanses heavy metals)
(Note: both arugula and cilantro are pungent, so do not use together)
1 cup of ice
1 tablespoon of maca (for energy or male potency)
1 tablespoon of hemp (high in protein)
1 tablespoon of chia seeds (very high in omega 3s)
1 teaspoon of Super Greens powder
1 teaspoon of orange, vanilla, or lemon extract (for flavor)
A dash of cinnamon, allspice, cloves and nutmeg (to kill parasites)
A dash of cayenne pepper (blood purifier that cleanses the arteries and raises metabolism)

If you feel the need to sweeten, use raw honey, Truvia (zero calories) or stevia.

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 Which quick fix do you want to try?