Publisher’s Message

20150717_151727bWelcome to ClarityZone Magazine! My name is Neelam Sahota, and I am the publisher of ClarityZone Magazine, which strives to deliver resources germane to life in the twenty-first century. Before earning my master’s degree in management and leadership, I had a long career as an English teacher, moonlighting as a writer. A combination of my profound commitment to positive change and the plethora of misinformation in the public domain provided the impetus for this webzine. The unpalatable dose of rubbish disseminated by some of the popular online sites can easily mislead the most discriminating of minds. Using a cloak of authority, complexity or sensationalism has become an expedient way to bait and hook the audience, while journalistic integrity falls by the wayside. Comprehensive fact-checking (and sound grammar) seems to have become a rarity, while vacillation on critical issues, breeding utter confusion, has become commonplace. I resolved to cut through this ubiquitous haze with a slew of resources which honored the primacy of truth.

ClarityZone Magazine uses a seasonal framework for the articles, which are written with an edifying, didactic tone. A simple and cogent layout creates a user-friendly site, where the visitors don’t have to spend their precious time on painstakingly separating fact from fiction. Multiple mediums, for the three major learning styles—visual, auditory and kinesthetic, serve the needs of a wide demographic. I believe easy access to pertinent information is the alchemy for success, which, simply put, is a sound mind and body with the underpinning of conscious choices. Whether you are on Robert Frost’s proverbial road less traveled or one that is more conventional, conscious living, the compass for navigating a world in constant flux, moves you towards optimal health. A measured approach to the daily ebb and flow of life is the quintessence of success!

ClarityZone Magazine is your home for self-empowerment, founded on prudent lifestyle choices. Feeling authentically empowered is the elixir of life! It is not only the fruit of that laborious inward journey, which adds value and equilibrium to your life, but also your best defense against the daily onslaught of media malpractice. Living in an era of information overload, we are inundated with half-truths and mixed messages, and in the absence of an efficacious filter, our perspective can be grossly compromised. Instead of building on our strengths, we often get buried in feelings of inadequacy. It is only knowledge—the incubator for perspective—that can fortify us. As Sir Francis Bacon famously said, “Knowledge is power,” and in the spirit of these sage words, our wellness resources, spanning time and space, make the mind more fertile for perspective to take root. This piecemeal process balances the scales of life by reconciling the world within so that the world without becomes easier to negotiate. It is the way to perennial bliss, and I hope this webzine inspires you to go on that fantastical journey.